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General Employment Contracts and the Fair Work Act

An employment agreement sets out terms and conditions of employment between an employer and employee.

If you are an employer, it is worthwhile to make the effort to incorporate these agreements into your HR Systems and procedures because of the added protections they offer.

As well as defining the terms and conditions of the employment, such as the rates of pay, job description, what is expected of the employee etc, it can also include protection measures for both the employer and employee.

If you are an employer, it is advisable that you clarify how your employee can deal with confidential information and intellectual property, such as client data bases and lists, inventions, ideas, sensitive information or work created in the course of the employment.  You don’t want your employee to leave, only to have them set up their own business with half of your customers!

If you are an employee, you may want to have the security of an agreement in writing that confirms the rate of pay, bonus’ and incentives you have negotiated.

In Australia, the Fair Work Act and the National Employment Standards regulate employment.  They work in conjunction with modern Awards.

The Fair Work Act sets out requirements and minimum employment conditions that all employers must adhere to, including laws relating to unfair dismissal and minimum standards.

RP Emery and Associates provides professionally drafted Employment Agreements which address all of these issues and more.

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