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Using Legal Documents, Contracts and Agreements in Life and in Business

Put your negotiations in writing

At some point in your life, it is likely that you will need to use a written contract.

No matter who you are dealing with, whether it’s a new business partner or an old and trusted friend, it’s important that each party understand the ramifications of their agreement and the obligations that they are agreeing to undertake.

Using a contract to put your agreements in writing makes good sense because it can prevent costly oversights or misunderstandings, which often occur in verbal contracts.

Written legal contracts remove the elements of doubt by spelling out what is expected of each party and minimise the possibility of a misunderstanding or dispute.

Your document should be clear, simple and easy to read.

Your intention should be readily understood.

If a dispute arises, Courts will decide the intention of the parties by firstly having regard to the plain meaning of the written words in the legal documents involved. If the intent of the parties is not clear, only then will the magistrate or judge hear testimony about what the parties say they actually intended.

A contract that is clear is less likely to be misconstrued and more likely to be upheld by a court of law if it is ever challenged or disputed.

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Your legal agreement should be clear, simple and easy to read.

We have made this site to help you. It contains valuable information on the use and proper application of some of the more popular legal documents, agreements and contracts used at home or in business.

Take the time to understand when, and how, to use a particular agreement. This will go a long way to assisting and fostering your success.

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