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Australian Residential Tenancy Rental Agreements

Residential tenancies are regulated in Australia by residential tenancies legislation in each state. Some states have a certain prescribed form that must be used as the residential tenancy agreement itself and certain procedures that must be followed, such as providing the tenant with a rental handbook at the start of the tenancy.

Other residential tenancy matters that are regulated by legislation include:-

  • Security bonds;
  • Rental increases;
  • Landlords access to the premises;
  • The tenant’s right to quiet enjoyment of the premise;
  • Additions and fixtures to the premises;
  • Who pays for water, electricity and services;
  • The tenant’s responsibility for the actions of others it allows onto the premises;
  • The tenant’s obligation to look after the premises during the term of rental;
  • Locks and security devices; and
  • Procedures for terminating the tenancy.

Parties to a Residential Tenancy Agreement may add their own additional terms to the prescribed rental agreement, but only if the terms do not contravene the Tenancy Act. Additional terms may be void if found to be inconsistent with the prescribed form or the Act.

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