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How to Draft a Motor Vehicle Rental Agreement.

When you want to rent out a car or other type of vehicle, you’ll need to use a Car or Motor Vehicle Rental Agreement.

These agreements can cover almost any situation, and can be used by anyone who wants to rent a vehicle, whether they are the renter or the owner.

It allows two parties to enter into a written agreement containing the terms and conditions relating to the rental of the vehicle. It states how much the rental costs, how long it lasts, who can use the motor vehicle and the terms and conditions associated with the use.

It’s a simple, yet essential document whenever you want to rent a vehicle.

There may be age requirements, security deposits, insurance information or other necessary conditions that must be met before the car can be used.

If more than one person is going to use the car, they will probably have to give details of others who may use the vehicle.

Your agreement must express your needs clearly and concisely and contain all of the terms needed.

car rental agreement

Whether you are renting out your own vehicle or simply hiring one for your own use it is essential there is a well drafted signed legal agreement in place.

Will there be fees if the vehicle is not returned on time or is damaged?  Make sure the renter knows about and understands everything in the document before you rent to them.

Both parties will need to make sure their interests are protected. If you are an owner, you need to protect yourself against liability, make sure you consider potential damage or loss of value, as well as many other factors. If you are renting the car, you’ll want to know what you need to do if you need extra time, or how and when to return it so you don’t incur a late fee.

Renting a car to others can be a great way to start a business.

If you are renting to others, you need to make sure the terms of your Motor Vehicle Rental Agreement are clear and understandable. You’ll be glad you did.

Motor Vehicle Rental Agreement available for immediate download