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Last Will and Testament

Your Will is one of the most important documents you will ever make.

Creating a Will allows you to legally specify who is to receive your assets on your death.

It also gives you the ability to choose someone you trust to be responsible for managing your affairs and carrying out the wishes contained in your Will after you die.

It is in the best interests of you, of your loved ones and family, to make sure you make a legal Last Will and Testament.

If a person does not have a Will then their assets will be distributed by the state in accordance with rules and procedures set out in legislation.  These rules are inflexible, follow a set procedure and do not take into account unique personal circumstances.

If you are an adult who owns assets or has debts, it is in your best interests and in the interests of your loved ones and family, to make sure you make a legally binding Will.  Drafting a Last Will and Testament means your wishes will be met.

Drafting your own Will can be a simple exercise.  It is not an exceptionally complex document, but it does need to be clear and concise, and abide by the relevant laws.

legal last will and testament kit

Depending on the complexities of your estate and your wishes, it may be lengthy and complex, or short and sweet.  The most basic items will be the name of the executor, the people you wish to receive your property and a description of the property.

More complex Wills need more details, especially when there are children or dependants involved, or when you wish to leave a trust fund or other managed property.  It will need to be signed by two witnesses who are not listed as beneficiaries.

Ensuring that your wishes are met is the main purpose of a legal Will.  No matter if you have simple needs or intricate plans, having one in place allows you to be safe in the knowledge that your property will be distributed according to your wishes.

By drafting a legally binding Will, you can rest in the knowledge that you have prepared for the worst, and your family and loved ones will not be left with confusion, or worse, nothing.

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