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Superannuation Agreement When Separating | Family Law

Superannuation now makes up a large portion of peoples wealth in Australia.

The Family Law Act 1975 allows all separating couples, whether married or defacto (including same gender couples), to divide their superannuation, just like any other asset.   This may be done by way of a Superannuation Agreement.

superannuation splitting agreement
This easy to use and understand agreement allows separated couples to divide their superannuation under the terms of the Family Law Act.

Most commonly used after the relationship has ended, these agreements can be used to flag or split an interest in the other parties’ superannuation. The parties can agree to deal with superannuation any way they wish. 

The written agreement will be legally binding on the parties and the trustees of the superfund, provided that it complies with the formal requirements of Part VIIIB of the Family Law Act.

Superannuation Agreement DIY Legal Kit

These legal kits are a cost effective way to create your own quality and professionally drafted Superannuation Agreement.

RP Emery & Associates has been supplying quality legal documents since 1990, empowering Australians to create and implement their own legal Agreements.

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