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A Non-Compete Agreement (or restraint of trade) is an agreement under which a party agrees not to compete with another party for a certain period of time.

These are commonly used in commercial situations to stop the disclosure of sensitive or confidential information by former employees to rival organisations thereby providing those organisations with a competitive advantage. This would be particularly pertinent in the IT industry for example, where new software and products are being created at a rapid speed, and innovation is highly rewarded in the industry.

non-compete agreement
By having a well drafted non-compete agreement in place you are protecting your interests and any sensitive information from being disclosed to rivals. 

Non-compete clauses are commonly used:

Caution must be exercised when drafting your agreement. The courts will only enforce such clauses if they are reasonable to protect the legitimate business interests of the business enforcing such a clause. That is, they cannot be seen as unreasonably restricting or preventing the weaker party from making a living.

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