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Australian Property Lease Agreements

There are three main categories of lease in Australia, retail, commercial and residential leases.  They are each explained below.

Retail Leases

A retail lease generally involves the lease of a premises for the retail sale or hire of goods or services to the public.

Retail leases are regulated by specific retail tenancies legislation in each state. 

You can download your own state specific and legislation compliant Retail Lease Kit here.

Commercial Leases

Commercial property leases are generally for the lease or rental of warehouses, factories, offices or industrial units.

Unlike retail leases, commercial leases are not regulated by legislation which means landlords and tenants can approach their negotiations and agreements in a more flexible way.

Professionally drafted Commercial Property Lease Agreement Kits are available here.

Residential Leases

Residential leases are leases for residential premises which are to be used as a place of residence by the tenant.  The lease sets out the terms and conditions which the tenant and landlord agree to abide by. 

Residential leases are governed by specific tenancies legislation in each state. 

Up-to-date and legislation compliant Residential Tenancy Kits are available here for immediate download, providing you with all the tools to effectively manage your own investment property.

Lease Agreement Kits

RP Emery and Associates provides Australians with up to date, easy to use Lease Agreement Legal Kits. 

These kits are a valuable tool that provide all the documents and resources you need to enter into a legally binding lease and manage your own investment property whether it is commercial, retail or residential.

Each agreement has been drafted to comply with the specific legislation (if any) of each State and territory.  It provides you with a bundle of documents to fulfil all of your leasing needs in the one place.

Download your legislation compliant lease agreement kit:-

Retail Lease Agreement Kit

Commercial Lease Agreement Kit

Residential Lease Agreement Kit